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Domestic cleaning services for hire


Nova Cleaning is the best solution for your cleaning and tiding needs at home. With over 10 years of experience and a stunning staff of over 70 workers, we offer our services across London and the South East. We are based in Dulwich and have become very well known in the area for our quality and reliability. When you call Nova Cleaning, you are hiring the best in the area. We are quick, efficient and affordable. All you can wish for and so much more! Write to us or call and we will schedule a visit according to your needs.

We offer one-off special cleaning services and reinforcements as well as periodic visits to help you keep your home clean and tidy. We cover all cleaning activities in homes and apartments, from routine cleaning to special requests and deep cleaning.

Weekly cleaning

Cleaning upon request

 Do you need a hand with your house chores? Are you too busy with your life and you cannot keep your home clean as much as you would like? Call domestic aid at Nova Cleaning and we will send you someone to help you keep everything tidy and nice. You can hire per hour or per day, and as many days a week as you want. We have flexible schedules and cover a wide geographical range, so if you need help in the South East you can count on Nova Cleaning. We offer special discounts for full day hiring or more than two days a week. Let us make your house chores easy for you so your home will look exactly how you want, every week, every day.  Sometimes you will need an one-off cleanup of your home. Maybe after a special event or before you receive visits to stay over, or just a specially busy week when you couldn't find time to clean and need a hand. You can hire Nova Cleaning to help you during those special days. Hire a Nova Cleaning expert for the day. We have flexible schedules and many workers available. You can hire one or many cleaning experts depending on the magnitude of the job and how fast you want it done. So don't worry anymore about home disasters, we will make it not be a problem for you. Relax, call Nova Cleaners and let us get everything clean and pretty again.

Deep cleaning

Special services

 Nova Cleaning offers deep cleaning services for special occasions. If you have just made renovations to your home and everything is dirty and covered in dust, or perhaps you are terminating your rental period, or want to sell the house... For any reason, we offer our deep cleaning services to get your home perfectly appealing and like brand new!  Some special cleaning services Nova Cleaning offers for domestic homes include curtain and tapestry cleaning, stain removing, silverware polishing and garden trimming. Call us now to find out about our special rates. We work very carefully with top quality products and only our best experts will do the job in order to ensure your belongings are protected and in shape.

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Words from our clients.

Lana Creston

"People at Nova Cleaners always do a fantastic job. I have been using their services for almost four years and they never fail to meet all my expectations. I trust them more than any other company."

Sarah Kenney

"Nova Cleaning saved me more than once. It is really amazing to see how well they do things and how little time it takes them. They are my regulars and they do a fantastic job."

Tamara Carrizo

"My house is very difficult to keep clean, I definitely cannot do it on my own. I can always rely on Nova Cleaning, they are exactly what I need. Never late and never disappointing. Just perfect."